Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Engagement Photo Shoot

A few weeks ago Tim and I had an engagement photo shoot! I didn't know what to expect but we absolutely loved the day! We chose to take some pictures in Leysdown in Kent for a few reasons.

One being that we love being by the sea. Our best times are spent on the coast, we got engaged in the middle of the sea and we plan to get married on a beach. Leysdown is also a really special place for me, it's where my mum used to take me, my nan and my grandad on sunny days throughout my childhood. It was a way of having the memory of my mum involved in our pictures and that was really important to me.

Because I have such a strong nostalgic connection to Leysdown, we tend to go there quite regularly. It's only 20 minutes or so down the road from us and it's always good fun. A bit of arcade action, most usually air hockey and a go on the dance machine, followed by a stroll along the sea with an ice cream in tow. My perfect day!

We had such a fun day taking these photos. I want to say a massive thank you to Jim Drew from J Drew Photography for not only the beautiful shots but also for making us feel so at ease on the day. We were concerned being a popular place on a sunny day in the middle of the school holidays, taking photos might seem a bit awkward and draw unwanted attention. However we needn't have worried, we were able to simply enjoy ourselves playing the arcade games and being on the beach at the location whilst Jim snapped away capturing great moments. I highly recommend him for any photography work you may need.

I've popped some of my favourite pictures below and we're so happy to have these memories.

Britt xo

Friday, 11 August 2017

Mermaid Tattoo!

This week I added to my ink collection with a new mermaid tattoo on my left leg. Designed and tattooed by the wonderful Lizi from Ritual Art Tattoo in Rainham!

I've named her Aurelia and I love her! She's a little sore still at the moment but I can't wait until she has healed completely, she's gonna look great in a pair of heels. Thank you Lizi!

Aurelia is my 15th tattoo and third one done by Lizi who has also designed me a space unicorn on my right thigh and stars all up my back. Lizi predominately does bright, beautiful colours and she's so talented. She is also one of my fiancé Tim's Control Practitioners! You can go see more of her work here.

B xo

Monday, 7 August 2017

Engagement Party!

This weekend Tim and I had our engagement party! An excuse to celebrate with our friends, dance to 90's music, eat lots of food and generally have a wonderful time.

We had the party in our home, as it used to be a social club, it's a fab party venue. It opened in 1901 as a social club for the local community and from the outside at least, hasn't changed much over the years. Nowadays however, our bathroom is where the bar used to be! It's an amazing space and I love living here. I also love decorating the place and having a good old party too!

We had a beach scene selfie station complete with tropical props, a Beer Pong table set up, I had made a cold buffet selection as well as beach themed cupcakes (read more about those on my other blog here) in our wedding colours aqua and white, and we had a fully stocked bar with an inflatable desert island drinks cooler!

We were also given this amazing mini bar (above) from my good friend Jemma from Iced Jems. I put little jars of cocktail umbrellas and cocktail sticks on it for people to help themselves!

Downstairs the Pole Room was set up ready for not only my fab pole sisters, but I knew towards the end of the evening I would be in there, evening dress and all, for a bit of pole action. It's always fun when people who have never poled have a go too! It's a sport for everyone, even when you've had a cheeky drink or six. Haha!

Check out the video above for me scoring the winning shot at Beer Pong! Not bad considering by this point I had drunk an entire jug of Pimms to myself...

I bought this fabulous Mermaid Dress from Collectif for the occasion! It went perfectly with our beach theme and I felt amazing in it. The fit is wonderful and the print is simply stunning.

We had a fantastic night celebrating and I was feeling a little fragile the next day! Thank you to all who came and partied with us and a massive thank you to all of the lovely cards and gifts, we feel very loved.

Here's to the next 12 months of wedding planning!

B xo

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Wednesday, 2 August 2017

A Britt Abroad - Volume 1 - Fuerteventua 2017

Welcome to my travel blog series, A Britt Abroad! In this first edition, I will be talking about Fuerteventura, one of my favourite places on earth.

Fuerteventura is the second largest of Spain's popular Canary Islands. Sitting off the north coast of Africa, the island has a consistent year round warm temperature and welcoming cool breeze. There are beautiful beaches, blue seas, great entertainment and lots of activities available.

Up until 2015, Fuerteventura and in fact, vacations abroad in general, had never really come onto my radar. I never used to go on a lot of holidays at all. I was born in Canada and did a few trips back and forth to England as a child to visit my grandparents but since I moved to England when I was a little girl, I haven't been back. The only holiday I went on as a child was to Mallorca with my mum for my 13th birthday, two weeks in Magaluf for my 19th birthday (which I don't remember) and 10 days in Las Vegas in 2013.

I wasn't a traveller. I wasn't filled with 'Wanderlust'. I was a bit of a homebody but I now think that has more to do with not having been, so not knowing what I was missing out on. My mum was a single parent so we couldn't afford to go away, most of our summers were spent on Leysdown beach. It was only in March 2015 when everything changed.

I was asked to speak at the Make It Happen conference in Marbella, Spain as part of International Women's Day about She Who Bakes, baking, mental health and everything in between. I was dreadfully excited, not just to be speaking at such an awesome event, but also to be going to Spain to do it! When it was booked there was the option to go for one night, or two. After thinking about it and speaking to Tim we decided to go for two nights, to make the most of it. Tim hadn't gone on a great deal of holidays either and they also weren't something that were that important to him.
We travelled out the night before, I spoke at the event and the following day we were due to go home when we had a few hours to ourselves, we went down the beach and dipped our toes in the warm sea.

It was sitting there that priorities changed for us both. With the sun, sea, sand, music and cocktails influencing, we had realised we needed a holiday. The day we returned we spoke to our good friend Lesley and she booked us a trip away the following month to Zante. We got hooked and now holidays are well and truly one of our joys.

Since then I've been to; Marbella, Zante, Fuerteventura, Brugges, Los Angeles, Malta, Mallorca, Fuerteventura, Benidorm, Fuerteventura...

Are you seeing a pattern? It seems we can't go too long without returning to our 'other home' Caleta De Fuste in Fuerteventura!

But why do we love it so much?

On our first holiday there back in September 2015, we divided the time in our days between lazing around the pool and chilling on the beach. The weather was beautiful and we couldn't find fault in a single thing. We found a fab Mini Golf course and one evening we discovered a place than would go on to be our favourite bar ever, Piero's Music Cafe! More about Piero's later.

We had such a fab time there that when we booked holidays for the following year, we made sure to add in another stay on the island. When we arrived the second time, we found the beach to be a construction site, with diggers and builders and almost all of the beach cordoned off. Even we were struggling to see how we could enjoy this one. Then after a little bit of research and a 10 minute walk, we found what would go on to become our 'perfect place', La Guierra Beach. A small but beautiful stretch of sand with a man-made bay perfect for swimming in.

So when we planned our 2017 holidays, I knew where I wanted to spend my birthday. We booked into a hotel called Costa Caleta and prepared ourselves for another glorious week.

A Britt Abroad - Volume 1 - Fuerteventura 2017

Touching down in Fuerteventura felt so familiar, like we had gone back home. It makes me a little emotional to be honest. The airport is only a 10 minute drive from the resort we stay in, Caleta De Fuste, so as usual we hop in a taxi for the short ride. It only costs about €10.

As we had an early flight, we checked in and was told our room wasn't quite ready yet, so we put our luggage in the little hidden lonely suitcase room and went for a stroll down to the sea. Everything was how we remembered it, with the exception of a brand new beach which they had been working on when we last visited. We walked to the other beach we had found, La Guierra, had an ice cream and admired the beautiful view from the little cafe on the rocks. We were back.

We were quickly brought back to reality however when we arrived at the hotel room. We were taken aback by the very loud, very intrusive sound of building works being done which we hadn't been warned of or informed about. Having then gone back to the hotel reception to be told there were no other rooms available as they were fully booked we were a little weary as to what the week was like. I know you don't spend a lot of time in your hotel room when you are away but these works were due to start at 8am every morning and continue until 8pm. Luckily, we were told the next morning we could move into a different room on the other side of the hotel and I am forever grateful to the staff for making this possible. Our new room was on the top floor and had a sea view, perfect!

While our days were spent at Le Guierra beach, our nights on the other hand were mostly spent at a bar called Piero's Music Cafe. Piero's is a super fun restaurant and bar that really does cater for everyone. Every night there is a main show by the Piero's Entertainers which focuses on covers of a certain genre (my favourite, for example is Boyz Again on a Saturday night which features songs from boybands throughout the ages!), there's a comedy drag show by Diva Chanel on a Friday night and then every evening at 11pm there is karaoke. It it literally my perfect bar haha! It's good fun and always busy. Special mention to Oscar who we have seen every time we have visited, he works there and is such a brilliant guy, he always puts a smile on everyones face!

Piero's Music Cafe

One of the other activities that has become a tradition for us at Fuerteventura is playing Mini Golf. Tim and I do like a game of Mini Golf and the hotel chain Barcélo has a great course. You can choose either the easy or hard course or at only €7 per person per course, you can spend a few hours and do both! This time, we did the harder course which features a windmill and several lakes for your ball to fall into if you're not careful! It's always good fun and I highly recommend it.

Another great thing about Fuerteventura are the restaurants. There are so many on the main strip and lots more hidden in streets set a little further back and one thing I have noticed is how busy they all are! This really is a thriving community. Two that we love to go to are Fado Rock Steak House and Fusion 22 Curry House.
Fado Rock Steak House is a Batman themed (yes you read that right!) restaurant on the main strip with a Batman statue to greet you at the door, black and white movie star portraits on the walls and so much cool movie memorabilia on display and after 7pm every evening you will find a queue outside the door. The good thing is that it's such a big restaurant and the staff are so efficient that you're never usually waiting for long. The menus are written in lots of languages so you know exactly what you're getting and it's incredibly good value for money. Tim ordered the mixed grill and it was big enough to feed a family, I ordered the steak cooked on the stone which is done table side for you to your exact specification. Both dishes came with chips and a side salad and really were delicious.

Fusion 22 features all of the traditional curry dishes you expect to find with a few extras. What I love about this place is the curries are served in a little candle heated dish to keep it warm. The food is so tasty and all of the staff friendly and attentive. On top of this, the vodka measurements are insane! Haha! It's always a delight to go there!

If I had to describe Fuerteventura in one word it would be; Fun. I honestly love it so much and I'm really pleased my first edition of my new travel blog series is about this place. It now has extra special memories as this holiday, it's where Tim proposed! Read more about that here.

If you have been, what did you think, where did you go? I'd love to hear your Fuerteventura stories.

Until next time,

B xo


Monday, 24 July 2017

24 Hour Pole-A-Thon!

This weekend, myself and some of the wonderful girls I do pole fitness with, took on a 24 hour Pole-A-Thon challenge to raise money for Starlight Children's Foundation. Starlight brightens the lives of seriously and terminally ill children by granting wishes-of-lifetime and by providing fun, laughter and entertainment to over 500,000 poorly children in hospitals and hospices across the UK.

There were five of us doing it; myself, Jodie, Amy, Jade and Kim. We started at 10am on Saturday and went through to 10am on Sunday. There were four 'stations'; two pole stations, two stretching stations and a rest station and they all had to be active.

I've done pole on and off for 10 years now (come check out my Pole Instagram here) and it's one of my passions. I absolutely love it. But I've never done it for more than two hours straight, so to do pole and pole related activities for 24 hours was a daunting thought!

We started off super strong, doing tricks, spins and even achieving things we hadn't done before (hello Superman, the move I'm doing above) as well as stretching and dancing. Then a few hours in we started to get a little tired, but we kept going! Doing it with such awesome girls helped keep me motivated! We tried doubles and even triples moves -

As the day turned to night, we lit up the room with some fairy light pole action!

The hardest time was the early hours of the morning, we were tired, the room was freezing, our hands were sore and it was just difficult to find the will to carry on. Kim passed the time by dressing up as Minnie Mouse, because why not.

By the morning we had got into the home straight, we freshened up, made coffee and even though we were bruised and sore, we carried on. The last hour though, between 9 - 10, felt like an eternity!

The alarm came at 10am telling us we had done it! Yay! We could all finally go home to our beds! It was an experience and I'm very glad I did it. I am so proud of the girls I did it with, a massive thank you and so much love to Jodie, Amy, Jade and Kim. You're all absolute superstars. A big thank you also to my fab fiancé Tim for joining us for a few hours Saturday night and Sunday morning to take pictures and keep our spirits up!

The best part was knowing by the end of it we had raised over £300 for the charity! 
Check out our Just Giving page here -

Massive thank you to all those who watched our live videos on Facebook, supported us and sponsored us!

I'm taking a good few days off from pole this week to recover! I've got bruises all over, I'm stiff in muscles I didn't know I had and my hands feel so sore. It was all worth it though.

B xo


Thursday, 20 July 2017

DIY Sea Shell Letters

I've been spending a lot of time on Pinterest lately. One thing I saw were these fab letters covered in shells and I knew I had to give making them a try! Our home is decorated with lots of lovely beach pictures and signs that I knew they would fit right in!

Here's a little step by step on how I made them!

Equipment used -
Mache letters. I used these from Hobbycraft.
Paint. I used 'Ice Cream' Autentico Chalk Paint, mainly because it was the only white paint I had in!
A glue gun.
Shells, beads, pearls and anything else you'd like to decorate your letters with! I got mine from Amazon.

I painted my letters in two coats of white paint and left to dry completely.

I placed on all of the shells to see which ones would fit where. Then, using the glue gun I stuck them down, as well as glued my fingers together briefly. 

I then left it all to dry and that's pretty much it! I'm so pleased with how they look!! 

You can add more shells, less shells, more beads, less beads, have it rustic and not sparkly, the choices are endless!!

Happy crafting!

B xo

Sunday, 16 July 2017

I'm Engaged!

I am so unbelievably over the moon to tell you that I am engaged! Two weeks ago my wonderful boyfriend (now fiancé!) proposed and I, of course, said yes.

I should start by pointing out Tim and I love being by the sea. Preferably in a hot, sunny country but all beaches and seas are welcome. Our home is decorated with beach paraphernalia and all of our furniture is chalk painted a lovely sky blue. Holidays are so very important to us, as we are both self employed we don't get a lot of time off, so the time we do get, we cherish.

We were on holiday in Fuerteventura, one of our favourite places to be, to celebrate my 29th birthday. It was our third trip to the island, having visited first in October 2015 and again in September 2016. On our first holiday there, we quickly fell in love with its sandy beaches, beautiful weather, local nightlife and relaxed attitude.

To set the scene of how Tim proposed I need to take you back to the week before we went away. I had come home and Tim had told me how he had bought us sealable bags that clip round our waist for the holiday, essentially a waterproof bumbag. When we go to Fuerteventura, we spend most of our days at La Guirra Beach which is a stretch of beautiful sand with a man-made bay made with big rocks that makes for perfect swimming (something we love to do on holiday!). On our last trip, we swam about 15/20 minutes out to the other side of the bay and climbed up onto the rocks. It was beautiful to sit there and admire the views. I remember wanting to bring my camera or phone to take pictures to capture the memories but couldn't because of the swim. Tim had said the purpose of these bags was to be able to bring a phone or camera out swimming with us.

It was our second day in Fuerteventura when on our way to the beach I spotted a waterproof disposable camera in the window of a shop we passed. It was only €10 so I wasn't going to lose anything if it didn't work but thought it was worth a shot! Tim mentioned the waterproof bag he had bought and how the camera would probably fit in it, so we gave it a shot! I was unaware Tim had an ulterior motive for the bag all along!

The next day, dressed in my mermaid swimsuit which I love, we went back to the beach for a long day of relaxation. Just before lunch at about midday we decided to go for a swim out to the edge of the bay. We climbed out and once again admired the views, it really is a beautiful location and my perfect place.

I got out the disposable camera and took a photo of Tim, then a selfie of us. Tim then put the camera away and shuffled close to me on the rocks. He spoke about us, our lives together and how much he loved me. He spoke about Doctor Who (I'm a proper Whovian) and the line Matt Smith's Doctor says to Amy Pond; "All of time and space, everything that ever happened or ever will, where do you wanna start?" and then, from the waterproof bag, wrapped up, he brought out a beautiful diamond ring and asked me to marry him. Needless to say, I burst into tears, hugged him and said yes.

We swam back, took some photos and began telling our friends and family. We have an engagement party arranged for in a few weeks and we've already booked the wedding for September next year, more to come on that soon!

We also took the disposable camera into Boots the following week and whilst a lot of the photos didn't come out (I think we broke the camera...) we still did get a few which we love and are very special to us!

So I am Mrs Box to be and very excited! Britt Box sounds like a Marvel character haha!
Expect some wedding planning blogs in the pipeline.

B xo

The rocks we swam out to where Tim proposed!


Monday, 10 July 2017

DIY Instant Photo Display Frame

For Christmas, my wonderful boyfriend Tim got me a Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 camera. I had never heard of them until late 2016 when I demonstrated at the Cake & Bake Show in London. The guys who were organising the green room had one on a table with a cute display so anyone who was in there could snap a selfie and pop it on the board.It was seeing this and using it that reminded me of my love for instant photos.The polaroids of old a distant memory. I remember finding my mum and my grandparents photo albums filled with polaroids with informative annotations such as ‘sun very hot!’. Little did I know Tim had seen how much I enjoyed using it and wrote it down months before the festive decorations went up, as a present idea for me. He’s a good one isn’t he.So on Christmas morning I received a Raspberry Instax Mini 8 camera with three films, all producing 10 shots a piece. I wanted to start snapping but it was almost immediately I realised I didn’t want to waste any! When I take photos with my phone, the choices are endless and I can snap away until I get the perfect shot. With instant pictures, you live more in the moment and you can’t wait for it to be ‘perfect’. I like that.

Only a few short weeks later and I have a new obsession. Granted, I’ve not taken many actual photos (I’m still a bit ‘in my head’ on that one, waiting for the right moments), I now have a new case for both my camera and film, a selfie lens, a mini photo album for taking photos on the go and a dedicated Pinterest board. 

Because the photos are way smaller than your average photo, coming in at 62 mm x 46 mm, frames were hard to come by on the high street and could be quite expensive online. So, armed with an idea seen on Pinterest I headed to the shops!

To make this display you need;

A second hand frame - I picked this one up from the Oxfam shop for a bargain £1.99!
Photo hooks - I’ve used 8 but it depends how many rows of photos you want.
Small pegs - These rose gold ones are from Wilko. They are adorable and come in a small pot with a cute cream fox on top which I now use for jewellery!
Paint - I’m using Summer Sky Autentico Chalk Paint from The Vintage Dove.

Start by taking the frame apart. I’m just using the frame so dispose (carefully) of the glass and back. 

I’ve also removed the fixings on the back and the clips around the inside edge of the frame.

Then give it a good clean! Dry with kitchen roll.

Paint your chosen colour. I found to cover the gold I needed to use two coats. Leave to dry.

I’ve also painted the back and inside of the frame white as when I put it on the wall, I could still see the dark wooden colour on the inside. 

This is where Tim helped! I decided I wanted it portrait and four lines or photos. He measured the frame and put in four picture hooks on each side, then we tied some lengths of string to the hooks.

I added on the pegs and there we have it! A DIY Instant Photo Display Frame! 

I love it and can't wait to fill it up with memories!

B xo


Sunday, 9 July 2017

Who is She Who Blogs?

Do you ever get those ideas, the ones that don't leave you alone? The ones that nag you and nag you, the ones that you think about last thing at night and first thing in the morning until you finally give in and go 'Alright! I'll do it!.'

This was one of those ideas.

My name is Britt and I run a baking blog called She Who Bakes. What started out as a private diary of my baking adventures that took me on a journey from packet mix to professional has over the past six years become my passion and my career. It saved me life and I simply couldn't be prouder! With hundreds of thousands of followers on social media, a popular Twitter hour and several business and blogging awards, being She Who Bakes is my life and it really is a dream come true. It's something that continues to be my saving grace every single day.

So why am I writing this here? What, or rather who is She Who Blogs?

It has come to my attention recently that as well as baking, I have so many hobbies and loves in my life. So many things that make me smile. I have always documented everything I have done, ever since I was a kid. I remember getting my first diary at 10 and writing in it religiously. This turned into message boards when I was a teenager and then social media and blogs as I became an adult.

Holidays, yoga, working out, pole, Lush, reading, mental health, watching films are all just some of the things I get up to when I've not got an apron on. But there is no place for these hobbies on my established baking blog and considering I love to write, I wanted to give them a home, so here we are.

You won't find any recipes, cake decorating tips or baking tutorials on these pages, but you will find the other side to She Who Bakes. The things that make me laugh, cry, happy, angry and everything in between.

Welcome. It's great to have you here.

B xo